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Applying for PhD not having master's diploma yet

Hello Martyna,

I have also applied for Phd before I got the MSc. final certificate. As others have mentioned things will vary depending on the UNiversity to which you are applying. I had to submit the transcripts of my masters and I got a conditional offer from the University which I conducted my PhD. conditional offer contained the condition which I should full fill in due course i.e. submission of final Msc degree certificate. Having the conditional offer allowed me to proceed with all the other necessary steps including applying for fundings. Therefore since Phd application process takes a long time do not wait till you get your certificate but continue to apply. This way you will save your time.

7 months in and still confused

Hi, first of all put all the doubts about your self aside and think whether you really need a Phd and also whether you like the project you are working on. If the answer is yes then all the other obstacles can be overcome.
For my Phd I had to change the country and there was cultural shock, no friends to start with and had to have a long distance relationship with my husband etc. I also started panicking. Then after some reflection I realised I needed the Phd and strategically identified my problems and the necessary solutions for these problems. First year was hard. I felt like it is dragging for ever. Second year was o.k. and third and fourth years were gone far too quickly. What you are going through in the first few months is normal. So i think you are in the critical stage where you should really think whether you need the Phd because if not I don't think it is nice for you to compromise your health and well being over this.

How does one become more efficient?

Hi Tudor Queen,

Being stressed over thinking of all the things that you have to do burns out a lot of energy. So how I usually get around this is having a monthly plan,weekly plan and a daily plan. To design a monthly plan I down load a monthly calendar with a reasonable space to write down my objectives. you should be realistic in setting your goals. Following achieving a goal I cross this out and it really gave me a feeling of satisfaction. Also when planing your work prioritise your work and I also I made sure that all the necessary areas are included. e.g.: Time for the experiments, reading papers, updating lab book, other admin work etc. Having a plan increased the efficiency and also remember to be kind to your self at times when you did not achieve some goals due to valid reasons. Hope this helps.

First 4 months PhD(bioscience)

Hi Iwan,

I did my Phd in microbiology where I was working with very slow growing fungus. The first year of my phd was 90% on establishing cultures and optimising the relevant experimental methods. You do not have to worry and instead use strategic planning to gain relevant background knowledge and training on the necessary skills. I agree with kikothedog that you can allow your self to a duration of 8-12 months on this.

Also for example look in detail on western blots. there are many troubleshooting forums available on this. Talk with your colleagues, discuss your problems and find out what you can do to solve the issues.

PhD is a long journey similar to a marathon. Do not exhaust your self but be kind to your self and tackle the issues with your experimental system during this first year, Eventually you can gain the momentum. Good luck. Keep us updated.

Thesis submission

Hi GM,

CONGRATULATIONS on reaching this very important milestone in your Phd. I agree with you. I had the same feelings and infact I could not relax for few days after I submitted my Thesis. The realisation of the completion of thesis sank in gradually. I was terrified in opening my copy of thesis for the fear of finding mistakes.
But the important thing Is accepting this and being kind to your self. you are exhausted after a very long journey and give your self some time before you get ready for the next important step which is the viva.
I did not open my copy until I got a fixed date for my viva, and once I got the date confirmed I summoned up my courage. It went really well and do relax a bit and have a well deserved break..
You will do well in your viva. believe me you have already got what you need to success in viva.