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I passed! Now for an important question...

Hi all :) I was here seeking viva advice a month or so ago and got some very good advice indeed.

Good news - passed with minor revisions, submitted corrections, and it was all approved last week! My PhD will be awarded next week.

Now for an important question....

When exactly can you call yourself Dr?
Do you call yourself Dr just in academic contexts, or professionally otherwise, and in ordinary general life, too?
What's the dickish thing to do, and what's the normal thing to do?
Does it matter if you're not employed in academia?
Does it matter what field your PhD is in?

Any answers to these pressing questions would be most appreciated :-x

Rain your viva advice down upon me

My lords and ladies,

It is but a mere week before I have that most dreaded occurrence - my VIVA.

Please, please, please, shower me with any advice you may have. Anything. I want to know everything you wish you knew.

I think my thesis is okay, but not much more... I'm kind of worried but don't know if I should be or if it's just natural panic. My supervisors seem pretty chipper and I've received no emails yet saying that the examiners have decided the whole thing is too horrible to contemplate (though it has been the Christmas holidays).

I also hear there is a Tinkler book of some sort that is helpful....?

Anyway, please, anything you could tell me, I'd be grateful to hear. I am full of terror and anxiety. I have a mock planned for the day before the real thing, and am seeing my supervisor tomorrow for some last minute advice.

Thank you all!:-x