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help with tier 4 visa application requirements

Hey guys ... I am a doctor from India. I had completed an MSc from a university in UK and am currently finish another masters degree. I however failed my dissertation. I have distinctions in my other modules and have achieved the 120 credits to be able to avail the Pg Diploma. Do you think it would be a better idea to finish the course with a good Pg Dip instead of wasting another year resubmitting the dissertation and getting a capped mark ? Also more importantly, considering that the Pg Dip and MSc both are taught postgraduate masters courses of level 7, do you think it would affect my visa application from within the UK if I wish to apply for another degree ? Will the UKVI have an issue with me opting for the Pg Dip instead of Msc even though both are the same level 7 in academic progression ?

Sorry for blabbering ... but I would really appreciate any input/opinion/information you could provide me on this. I am looking to make a visa application for an MBA from within the UK and just want a clearer picture as to what to expect !