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Advice for my PhD advisor relationship

Hey I'm new to this forum and to PhD studies. Before being accepted into the program, I started to learn about my project's topic (around 7 months) and bioinformatics. I'm a biologist for that matter, so I'm not exactly well informed about the area. Time passes and I start to see a pattern in my advisor: whenever I ask for an advice related to code or an error message (even tiny, technical questions), I would get a "ask [some labmate] for advice on this, [he/she] knows about this, I don't know about [some] code/algorithm". When I confront my advisor about this matter, I get that I should not expect "technical" mentoring/training in bioinformatics back, and that I should ask my senior labmates because my advisor does not have the time for that. Full disclosure: I indeed have been asking my senior labmates for advice in code and I do certainly have been making some advance (my advisor actually says I am doing good and I am advancing rapidly), but the problem is that, emotionally, it has taking my motivation really down to the point that I don't feel like I enjoy what I am doing. Am I asking for something that I shouldn't be asking for? Is this standard in a PhD programme?

Huge thanks in advance, I really need some advice on this.