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PhD help

I have been looking at that as a potential route into it I have applied to a few places, so fingers crossed but I still want to head down the PhD route as soon as possible

PhD help

Quote From PhoenixFortune:
tting an unfunded PhD place may be quite simple (depending on the institution, supervisor etc.), but a funded one is going to be near-impossible with a pass at MSc level. Is a PhD essential to what you want to do?

A friend of mine in a similar situation to you applied for a second MSc in an attempt to get a better classification, but this isn't advisable for everyone.


Thanks for the advice, getting a unfunded PhD isn't really an option as I need to work or at least be getting some form of income. Well I was planning to be a lecturer but it's unlikely that I will be able to do that now

I mean if I could get the funding then I would do a second master's such as an MRes but not sure

PhD help

Hi all,

I have just got my final grade back for my MSc in molecular medicine from bath university and have only just managed to get over 58% so a pass, I also have a 2:1/65% in veterinary biosciences from Aberystwyth university. I currently work full time at a microbiology lab with experience in pathogen culturing and many microbiological techniques and run my own team at the company.

Given how terrible this year has been, I am further devastated by the news that I have done so poorly in my master's.

I am just wondering what are my options regarding a PhD? I know that getting funding will be hard but is there any tips you can give me to improve my chances?

Any help would be massively appreciated.