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A PhD isn't a real job though is it? Grrrrrrr.....

Hi Florence,

Some ideas for come-backs (and let's be honest, that's what you really need here):

Next time office-boy comes out with some snide remark...

- Tell him you didn't realise he worked on a f**king oil-rig / down a f**king mine / as a f**king chimney-sweep, etc.
- Ask him when he's due to appear on "The Apprentice", spouting bollocks about pitches, profit margins, and other such shite
- Congratulate him for single-handedly liberating Helmand Province from the clutches of the Taleban
- Tell him that scouring Facebook looking for girls he "remembers" (on a nightly basis) doesn't constitute work
- Ask him whether in his entire working life, he has done anything even remotely original
- Ask him about his company's mission statement / brand values / whatever, then laugh in his embarrassed face
- Offer an improvised critique of Real Jobs, by referring to your arse
- Tell him that technically, he's not actually a human being

....You get the idea. Don't hold back. You don't owe anybody an explanation. F**k 'em.