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Nearly Failed Viva
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Quote From umma08:
Had my Viva last Friday (Halloween Eve) and the calendar setting end up being quite appropriate! I posted about it on another thread.
Its nice to hear and read some positive account for revise and resubmit. At the moment, my biggest worry is the fees that the University will attempt to charge - especially given that they are trying to increase their student led funding these days in account for reduced government funding.

I am not in the position to pay the year fees (£4000) and would feel even worse if i had to take a loan from either the bank/my parents to account for my perceived failure. If faced with that choice, i think i would just not bother, sadly.

Congratulations on completing your Viva on ! Your timing definitely added an interesting touch to the occasion. Your positive perspective on the revise and resubmit process is refreshing and encouraging.

Concerns about university fees are understandable, particularly with the changes in funding dynamics. It's essential to explore options like financial assistance or payment plans before making any decisions. Remember, seeking support doesn't equate to failure. Your dedication got you this far—keep considering all choices available to you. Best of luck! 🎓💪📚`