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Thread: I have 2 PgDips, do they have any value at all?

07-Feb-19, 14:30
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posted about 1 year ago
I come from a UK art school background and have a BA (Hons) 1st Class in Fine Art & Humanities. After doing really well in my undergraduate dissertation I enrolled to study for an academic post graduate in Art History. I left with the PgDip because in all honesty I realised that while I enjoyed researching and writing I also wanted to focus on studio practice just as much, if not more.

Then a few years later I was accepted on to a PgDip in Fine Art at one of the London art schools which I completed and was offered a place on the Masters course. During my time my academic tutor said I was "clearly a scholar" and suggested I consider an advanced degree once I completed my masters.

In the end I did not complete my Masters at that Art School. I did not have the funds to continue so took a year out to earn the money to continue but as I saved the money I began to feel unhappy with what the School had to offer me. The academic staff were great but the facilites were very poor. I had no studio space to work in and no darkroom facilities which was very difficult as I work mostly in anaglog photography (these facilities were available when I applied and was accepted but were removed the summer before I enrolled). While I was away from London rents skyrocketed making it even more unaffordable to me and I eventually gave up my place.

So now I am left with a BA and 2 PgDips and I am told the PgDip = a failed Masters in most peoples eyes. I do work as an artist now but I miss researching and writing. I still do some of this in my spare time but have no place for it to go. I sometimes think about applying for an MPhil at an Art School so with both studio work and a thesis but I worry that my 2 x PgDip's will just look bad and spoil my chances.

Is it possible to apply for an MPhil with 2 x PgDip or if not it it possible to "upgrade" to a Masters years later at a different university?
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