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Feeling ready for a Phd still having second thoughts

Bulldog, thanks for the tip!
Though I must say that even though I am facing an  "inner doubting" period, quitting is not my case. Every (baby) step I take is a decision taken after long consideration...
I might be frightened to stand towards Professors and researchers that have reached a higher level than me, but I guess I'll get over it once I am in the programme for good!(i.e having started my research, having straightened out my research aims etc)

All these days I tried to figure out what's wrong and why I posted...
I think I found something.
I wasn't focused on myself as a researcher, where I am aiming at, what I want to do. Once you start, I believe that you have to be a bit "self-centered" for a while only because you have to reach the depth of your thought about the PhD in every meaning.
I have my ideas, but I kept them down, so that gave space to other thoughts to come out. Such as, me and co-researchers, Professors and what they would think of me in the Academic Society. I got way out of line, I think.

For the time being I need to concentrate, study and write! And the rest will come at it's time!

I shall try to do this and see what happens!

Feeling stressed about my adequacy is something that should seriously bother me. But not at this point.

I think I am much better now and I would like to thank you (all) once again!
PS feel free to widen the subject of my post in other concerns(maybe different than mine), that you might be facing, that we can discuss about

Feeling ready for a Phd still having second thoughts

Dear Bulldog I take your word for it!
I've got to set my ideas straight, which needs a bit of an effort... I guess! But I am so willing to do so...
Only reading all of the replies, made me feel much better. My friends and family are helpful, but being able to talk about it with people who have same preoccupations weakens the "fear"/ well I don't think it's fear, what I'm experiencing right now, Just a "thought" that must go away, cause we got job to do, right?!
Keep me updated on your progress!
THANK you for the support!

Feeling ready for a Phd still having second thoughts

Thank you all for your kind replies!
I should try to reply to each one at a time. The thing is I am feeling ready about the PhD, but a up to a point there is a piece in me that is overwhelmed to prove my academic skills and ideas to Professors that might be sceptical about me in the future.
I want to keep a low profile, since I'm no genius or something, but still I need to gradually boost my confidence and I don't know how to do that in this phase!
I guess you all know that this is something personal, something that inside of us... No one can do that FOR us!
I would totally agree with Dr. Jeckyll and JJJ. I need a confidence boost!
I hope this is just a phase towards the unknown! Once I get started, I'll feel much much better!!

You were all great, thank you!

How high are you aiming?

Normally I would suggest you think more that twice what your aiming at.
Professors defer from one to another, which means that I know Professors who have so many obligations but they live normal lives, they are still feeling happy and their characters are not affected by their academic position, or their stress-full research...
On the other hand there are Profs deeply emotionally involved in their research, which gives them the benefit to be more and more productive but they lack normal life living.
Basically, it's up to you to choose!
Everyone is feeling like this once in a while...Keep aiming high but be in touch with the ground every once in a while...

Feeling ready for a Phd still having second thoughts

Hello everybody!
Hope you're all coping with your PhD pros and cons...
I've just finished my Masters in History and Political Sciences and already I'm feeling SO enthousiastic about starting a PhD.
Still I'm thinking that maybe I am not qualified to go through it.
This mixed emotions are weird, but I guess it's ok to be a bit cautious, right?
I mean, I got the main Thesis idea, I can't seem to write my thoughts on paper though...
I know I have to study at first! Then try to prepare my proposal/which is not easy although it seems easy...!
Then, I have to go Prof hunting, wishfully thinking that someone is going to believe in me, my ideas and "can do it" spirit!
This part is what scares me the most. The thought that I might not succeed to persuade a Professor about my ideas.
I know that lack of self confidence is the worst thing that can happen to you in these academic phases but I have to admit that I'm feeling that way.
If someone has gone through with this stage, I'll be more than glad to know how he/she dealt with it...