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Monday, 20 April 2020 at 7:14am
Monday, 20 April 2020 at 7:15am
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Thread: Collaborations in time of uncertainty

20-Apr-20, 07:29
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posted about 1 month ago
As with most Phd students in their final year, I was planning on a bunch of conferences etc. to get those all important networks as well as any possible collaboration opportunities. With the current situation, all my conferences have been postponed a year, by which I hope to be done with the PhD. I really want to get involved in an interesting collaboration and also need at least one under my belt. There are no opportunists at my Uni, so how does one find these opportunists online?

Thread: I'm in my third year, but I'm still not clear with my I'm doing

20-Apr-20, 07:20
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posted about 1 month ago
I am in a similar situation, though have had the same supervisors for both my research masters and my PhD, so its no fault of their own that I went and decided to use a method that no one at my department has any experience with. To counter this, I went to conferences and met with experts is that field. I was able to organise an short research stay where I collaborated with him and his team. I would suggest possibly doing the same, either through a conference or just e-mailing them.
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