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Wednesday, 10 October 2018 at 7:47am
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Thread: Applying for jobs before leaving PhD advice

10-Oct-18, 09:07
by rh8990
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posted about 7 months ago
I'm seriously considering leaving my PhD and finding a job. I have been put off staying in academia - love the idea of teaching, and I used to enjoy research (before the PhD) but I am not enjoying the PhD at all, it's making me unhappy. My supervisor does not instil confidence in me and it just generally unpleasant to work with. I have anxiety problems, everything I do comes with an undertone of worry that my supervisor is going to get angry at any mistakes. I can't really switch supervisors as it was her project idea/grant funding, and the faculty is just too close-knit for comfort. I just don't feel like two (out of 3) more years of feeling dreadful is worth it when I am not sure a PhD means enough to me. I have also heard too many negative things about academia (i.e., teaching is often minimal, research is more about delegating work and looking for funding than actually conducting it, etc). I think I want out. However, I don't feel like I can just quit the PhD before having another job in place (I have bills, and the PhD stipend is my only income).I am not sure how best to go about doing so in terms of the CV/ref etc. I don't really feel it's appropriate to state on applications that i'm currently a PhD student (prompting confusion of why I am applying for jobs) and I don't feel comfortable putting my supervisor down as a reference due to the feeling of bad blood between us, assuming I do leave. Should I just apply as if i've already left and somehow list the last year as an unfinished PhD? Does anyone have any advice/experience to draw on in terms of how they listed their PhD experience on their CV/application, whether they used their supervisors down as references or if you found the process particularly hard? Any advice would be really appreciated, might make reality a little clearer for me.
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