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Struggled to get through Bachelor's, should I even consider a Master's

Hi there , I pursued my bachelor's in the field of Electronics and got through it with a good bit of difficulty. I am not your grade A student and all...just a normal average guy. I struggled to get through the concepts and only after a lot of efforts,I barely managed to get my bachelor's. But after considering a variety of things it was in my best interest that I have to go for a master's. What I want to know is how much more difficult it will be for a student who struggled to get through Bachelor's to go through master's because I have heard master's is more of a self-study when compared to bachelor's. I am very much willing to work very hard for it, but what I want is a strategy for me to cope up with my master's, like there may be concepts from my bachelor's which I haven't understood that I have to apply here, I may not understand the lectures,etc. In times like this what is it I must do. If anyone knows anything at all on how to solve this problem of mine or even if it's a hint, please do reply. My master's is also in the field of Electronics. Thanks.