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PhD newbie, lonely and anxious already!

Hello all!
So a bit of background I finished my masters mid September and started my PhD at the end of September. I have been so lucky to have secured funding and the whole thing felt like a total dream! When I was doing my masters I worked 23 hours, I had one 12 hour day of lectures and another doing university work, some weeks I did 6 days. Yes, at times I found it hard, especially being a single mother, but I never once felt lonely!! I was so excited to start my PhD, i really like both my supervisors they research in areas I'm interested in and I think they are genuinely great people! But I am struggling with my anxiety, I've met with a variety of people to help conduct my primary research, drafted some ethics and read loads. But I feel like I don't currently have the confidence to share this information, or I feel like I don't I belong, I don't really seem to see any other PhD students, most of my friends have partners and jobs, so I rarely see them. When did my masters I didn't feel like this at all but I wonder if its because I didn't have the time too worry? What's everyone else's experiences?