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Classic Mistake during Data Collection/ Data Analysis


Is it possible to try and arrange a video conference through the internet (e.g. Skype) to avoid the costs of transportation. I am not sure if this is acceptable in your field of research.

Good luck

Article(s) request

Quote From ady:

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Yep, I can get them for you; pm me where to send them

Edit: the first one also seems freely available here, https://webfiles.uci.edu/dmeyer/framnatsec.poc.pdf?uniq=14j9z6
but I can send you the pdf as it's probably easier to read.

Thanks ady! pm sent!

Article(s) request

Hi everyone,

Can anyone help with these two articles please?

Meyer, D. S. (1995). Framing national security: Elite public discourse on nuclear weapons during the Cold War. Political Communication, 12, 173–192.

Akhavan-Majid, R., & Ramaprasad, J. (1998). Framing and ideology: A comparative analysis of U.S. and Chinese newspaper coverage of the fourth United Nations conference on woman and the NGO forum. Mass Communication & Society, 1, 131–152.

Thank you!