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Thread: Self-Funded Fieldwork in Uganda

20-Apr-16, 13:13
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posted about 4 years ago
I'm doing my PhD part time as I'm self funded. I'm at the University of Birmingham. This September I'm planning to start Fieldwork in Uganda. My intention is to spend two years out there.This means I will need to find a source of income while I'm out there. I work teaching English as a Foreign Language at the moment to fund myself, and it is possible that I could do this online while in Uganda if the internet connection is good enough - I'm just a bit worried about my VISA situation if I did this. Another option would be to find a volunteering placement or internship with an NGO that came with some kind of stipend that would keep me going. I will be looking at HIV prevention work so I will need to find volunteer work in any case as part of the research. I would really appreciate any advice that anyone could give me, particularly about the following:

Getting a work permit in Uganda - how difficult would this be?

Visa applications - What kind of Visa should I be going for as a researcher?

NGOs - Would there be any chance of being supported in a volunteer role through a stipend or food/board?

Health Insurance - what's the best way to go about this?

A realize that this question is a bit specific - I would value any input about self-funding fieldwork and where to start looking for answers.

Many thanks.
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