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Anyone used an online fax machine?

I consider internet fax the best thing that happened to the "fax industry" by far. Instead of paying for a phone line and a dedicated fax line, you only need your pc to send and receive faxes and you can even do it even if you aren't at home. Cool right? Anyway, I'm using this service here http://www.maxemail.com/max/internet-fax.html and so far, no problems encountered whatsoever.

best universities and life in uk

I agree with @reenie that Sheffield is a nice city. In fact, the University of Sheffield may just be the perfect place for you if you are seeking a masters in Architecture. This world famous university is well-known for its MBA, Architecture and Business curriculum. A member of the very elite Russell Group, the University of Sheffield is one of the original red brick universities. Its population of more than 25,000 students include over 3,700 students, which include Indians. Aside from the great education you'll get at the University of Sheffield, you'll also get to explore beautiful architectural structrures dotting the city, such as the Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield City Hall and the Sheffield Winter Garden. Best of all, you'll have the distinction of studying in a prestigious university which received the "Great Place" Award from the Royal Institute of British Architects' Academy of Urbanism in 2007. I hope this information helps. :-)

PhD regrets ...

Time and again, when I feel like quitting, I think of my family and their expectations of me. I do get tired. It's not easy to balance your time between work, studies and family. Sometimes, you would like to shout at the top of your voice but you just stop yourself. Sometimes, you can just dream of things and hope that everything will get better soon.

While I may have thought of quitting so many times, I still hang on. Earning that degree is something that no one else could take away from you, right? Good times, bad times, just focus. Difficulties come along the way, but they will become stepping stones once you are conferred with your PhD.

Good luck!