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Mixed messages

Do you suffer with mixed messages from your supervisor? You are not alone!


Make sure you check out Ste’s new blog post too, and then tell us what you can’t live without – you could even inspire the next Dr Doodles cartoon...

Filing System?

A massive thank you to Sally Rothwell for inspiring the latest Dr Doodles cartoon. This is one of our favourites so far!

How do you file your important messages?!


'Feeling stupid'?

The latest Dr Doodles cartoon has arrived, so don’t forget to check it out, share it with your fellow PhD-ers, and let us know what you think…


Having supervisor issues?

Having supervisor issues? We can sympathise!

Why not tell us how you deal with ‘constructive criticism’?


The latest Dr. Doodles cartoon and blog post

Hi everyone,

Don't forget to have a look at our brand new Dr. Doodles cartoon and blog post for this week: http://www.findaphd.com/student/drdoodles/Default.aspx

Have your supervisors got faith?!



Congratulations on the offer!

Why not have a look at our Postgraduate Funding Guide http://www.findamasters.com/students/studyguide/masters-funding-guide.aspx as a starting point?

You don't say when you'll be starting your course, but if it's in 2013 you could also sign up to apply for one of our Postgraduate Scholarships: www.FindAMasters.com/scholarships.

Good luck!

The New Dr Doodles cartoon has landed...

Check out our new Dr Doodles cartoon: ‘Student Slanguage.’

So how do you refer to your PhD?! Let us know…


Find a masters scholarships

Hi Jbain2,

Due to the overwhelming number of Funding Awards 2012 applications I'm afraid we’re still shortlisting!

Unfortunately we won't be able to notify any people who aren’t Funding Award 2012 winners, so if you haven't heard from us by Monday 24 September 2012, I’m afraid that means you haven't won an award.

A big thank you for your application – they are all absolutely fantastic, shortlisting has been really difficult so far.

If you’ve got any more questions just give me a shout: [email protected] Good luck!

New Dr Doodles cartoon AND blog post!

The new Dr Doodles cartoon AND blog post are here! Happy Monday from everyone at FindAPhD.com towers.

So, what’s the best excuse you’ve ever given your supervisor? Let us know, we could use some more ideas!

And don’t forget to share with your fellow PhD-ers, we want to know their excuses too…


Dr Doodles

This week’s very topical Dr. Doodles cartoon has arrived, so what would you get Olympic Gold in?

We think we’re with Ste…

Remember to share with your fellow PhD-ers, and to tell us what 'made-up' Olympic sport you think you’d win a Gold medal in!


Dr. Doodles new cartoon!

So, do you have a habit of leaving things until the last minute?

Ste can sympathise in this week’s new Dr. Doodles cartoon.


Remember to share with your fellow PhD-ers and to tell us what you think! :-)

Dr. Doodles


Urgent! Findamaster conditions


I think you're referring to terms 11 and 12;
11. FindAMasters and FindAPhD reserve the right to use any of the text applications or video entries in promotional activity.
12. Winners will be required to provide a photo of themselves for use in promotional activity and may also be asked to take part in FindAMasters / FindAPhD promotional activities.

All it means is that by entering to win one of the Funding Awards you are agreeing to let us use your video or text entry, and a short profile and photo of you in our press releases and on our sites/at our events to help us to promote the Funding Awards in the future. We might even ask you to write some content for the site about how you're getting on wih your studies. But absolutely NO dressing you up in a tutu we promise (unless of course you'd really like too).

Hope that helps - any other questions please just ask, Sarah.

Dr. Doodles

So how does your supervisor make you feel? This week’s NEW Dr. Doodles cartoon has arrived.

Tell us what you think, and make sure you share with your fellow PhD-ers!



Dr. Doodles

Hi guys, very pleased you like it - we'll be updating the link every Monday with brand new cartoons, so remember to revisit and share (email it, tweet it, facebook it, Google+ it) with your fellow PhD-ers! Share the joy! (up)