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Thursday, 1 August 2019 at 9:16pm
Thursday, 1 August 2019 at 9:17pm
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Thread: Just received my PhD, interested in supervising grad students in field?

01-Aug-19, 21:23
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posted about 4 months ago
I just received my PhD in an emerging field where there is very little existing academic work. However, I've noticed more and more young scholars interested in this field. I am one of few people (at least in the U.S.) to conduct research in this field, and am wondering if I am able to further advance research in this field by supervising students across the U.S. (or even in other countries), without being officially affiliated with their university. However, I'd like a least a bit of an income from this, as it would be very time-intensive and potentially a full-time commitment if there was enough interest.

I foresee helping students with initial research ideas, connecting students with resources within the field (like interview participants), helping to transcribe interviews and analyze data, and/or editing of theses' and dissertations. Is this something I could offer to universities for a modest cost? Would anyone bite? How would I go about pulling this off?

Thanks for your input!
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