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Hey Charmless

Hi this is Dr. Sayan Banerjee just joined this forum today.What struck me unique was the same case of plight and suffering for doctoral students through out the world developed undeveloped alike.I am from India a somewhat undeveloped country as compared to yours ,when we were research students we used to think that in western countries like West European nations,USA, Canada or Australia- a research student's life should be very smooth full of milk and honey,but later when i went for some international conferences I got to know may be life is tough- there also . I remember in 2007 on coming back from my supervisors office one i felt chastised so much so that I messaged a girl in orkut (pre facebook days).Now this girl who was already a PhD from Princeton must have felt sorry for me after getting my message and we started becoming very close.But as I was not having a job her parents thought that I was worthless.We parted our ways but Phd continued .Later on I completed my Phd . Anyway the crux of the matter is never lose hope.As Indians we are believers in Destiny ,and we believe firmly that God has some definite plans for each one of us provided we are working hard to the fullest of your potential. As for that girl we got married this January.

Do your best leave the rest in the hands of god.