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Thread: Research Tech to PhD with lower entry requirements at Oxbridge

21-Aug-18, 22:03
by scotled
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posted about 10 months ago
Thanks everyone for your replies! She has said that she wants me to start in February, this is just now depending on how strict the university is with the entry requirements...

Thread: Research Tech to PhD with lower entry requirements at Oxbridge

28-Jul-18, 13:27
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by scotled
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posted about 11 months ago
Hello everyone!

I'm currently working as a research tech in a UK uni research lab. I have previously completed a BSc (2:ii) and MSc before starting this job in 2016. I started the job with the possibility of a PhD in mind, but wanted to gain real world experience to be sure it was a field I wanted to stay in and also help me develop following on from my lower undergrad result. I have my name on a paper recently published and will soon have a joint first author paper out (fingers crossed!!). Now my PI recently said she wants me to do a PhD with her on the area I'm currently working on and I'm keen to do this, but this is dependent on funding (which she is confident of getting). However, the lab is currently in the process if moving to oxbridge (want to keep it as anonymous as possible) where I will continue with my current role. My concern is that to do a PhD there they have a strict policy on entrance requirements. They state that a 2:i at undergrad is essential while I have a 2:ii.... Now in my MSc I got about 68 overall (70 was distinction), but there is nothing I can find about if this is something that will compensate for my under par undergrad result. I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know about a similar sort of situation? Are they at all flexible? I would be willing to apply to other universities, but after moving my whole life (and girlfriends) now and also having a supervisor and project I really like it would be a shame to have to move somewhere new quite soon after arriving here!! Once I'm all settled in I guess I'll ask but this is more just to give me a sense of what to expect.

Thanks in advance :)
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