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Grants & Fundings & Loans for PhD

Thank you very much!

I will choose the distance learning position as I am not able to cover the costs.+

Kind regards,

Grants & Fundings & Loans for PhD

Hi all!

I applied for a PhD in Swansea and was accepted to my great amazement. This is a "full-time" position. In addition, I have a "distance learning" position at LSBU. I really want to do my PhD in Swansea. Now it seems that the assumption is made that I (despite the fact that my supervisor doesn't care from where I'm doing my PhD geographically) I need a place of residence there. I.e. I will probably have to move.

Now I can pay the fees myself. But I will find it difficult to afford a living. I'm giving up my job for the PhD and I honestly don't know how I can cover my living costs there without a job ... Unfortunately, Austria also doesn't offer any funding opportunities.

What can I do now? Is there any way to finance my studies?

Thanks & best regards