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Diary of a contiuation year

This is so bizarre....
I joined this forum around the same time as you, under a different name and I recognize you ;). I have struggled my way through this PhD with more than life could ever throw at one person. Here, I sit, in my 4th continuation year, thesis due 31/01/12 with no idea how I am going to do it.
I signed up under a new name, too embarrassed to even admit I 'failed' to do it in 3 years...now, I am at the desperate stage of getting this horrible thing written up. I am not sleeping at night, I am stressed ALL the time and just want to throw in the towel. I am only doing it for my very patient family. It was good to read that I am not the only one who has ended up fiddling for months and months with SPSS when I should have been writing, had the 'theme' of my PhD changed so many times, I can not remember and now, I am expected to produce publication standard writing and I feel like I write like a 10 year old. Who knows if I am going to finish, I am not sure why I have joined this forum again but I think I was really just looking for someone who has found it really hard, during that last race to finish line....thank you for posting.