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Saturday, 8 April 2017 at 6:02am
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Thread: Expected PhD Timeline

11-Apr-17, 01:12
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posted about 6 months ago
Thank you all, this is really helpful! I was getting a bit anxious about how long this might take me but it seems normal.

Thread: Expected PhD Timeline

08-Apr-17, 06:15
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posted about 6 months ago
I just started my PhD a few months ago in experimental psychology, and am wondering what the usual timeline is for students in my field in terms of publishing. This is a 3 year degree.
I am hoping to collect enough data for one or two papers in my first year, but due to the structure of my lab I will only be able to finalise data collection at the start of my 2nd year. Is it worrying that I will not publish within my 1st year? If so, should I be working on a collaborative review or some form of meta-analysis so I can publish something in my first year?
Also, what is a reasonable number of papers to expect for a good thesis? I am aware the minimum at my department seems to be 3, but was hoping to aim for 5 or more. Does anyone have any advice on how to pace myself throughout the degree in order to accomplish these goals?
Thanks for the advice / help!
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