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Barely Passed Viva - horribly depressed

Firstly CONGRATULATIONS you passed! I had to resubmit my thesis. I had to do loads of extra data and re order and rework chapters. By the time I finished corrections I felt I had re written it. I also had to do a second viva which I passed with minor corrections. Did you get a written report? If so start by digesting that. It may not be the result you want but it beats the stress of a resubmission trust me. Dig deep this one last time and soon you'll be Dr.

My supervisor said this is correct - is it?

we performed one-way ANOVAs with test order as the dependent variable and group as fixed factor. There was no significant interaction for the modified test, F(2,102) = .82, p=.443, η2p = .016 or the EG test, F(2,102) = .29, p=.751, η2p =.006.

Need pre viva help to verify my stats

Stats aren't my strong point and I could really do with some help to verify I have drawn the correct conclusions from my data before my viva next month. Is anyone able/willing to help?