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Getting back into study after break having child?

Thanks for all your replies, they've been very useful!

I did contact my old supervisors and amazingly there is a fully funded PhD that I have been 'strongly encouraged' to apply for. It is quite maths heavy and I'm a little anxious as it would involve a move 3 hours away but it seems like a really good opportunity. It's either that or a MSc in our home city, but we wanted to leave here soon any way for better schools. The phd opportunity would mean my husband looks after our daughter, the MSc would mean she goes into nursery a few days a week.

How on earth do you make these decisions?!

How to approach informal enquires?

Hi, I've been 'strongly encouraged' to apply for a fully funded phd by the potential supervisor and he has said he is open to questions (in response to an initial email with cv.
What questions is it okay to ask? My peoblem is that I need to ask about practical arrangements, start date, if commuting/part time home working is possible. Are these ok to ask? Not really able to afford to live near to where it's based.
Also what can you ask about phd specifics?
Does anyone have any links to best way to apply for it?

Getting back into study after break having child?

Hi, thanks for your replies and apologies for the delay in responding, we've been away!

HazyJane, I am open to either full or part time but I am not clear on how you manage one or the other? Does it just depend on the supervisor or is it linked to funding, etc? I think flexibility wise we could accommodate many arrangements, but being able to work in the evenings in lieu of time in, say, the afternoon would be helpful.

Treeoflife, would you advise contacting my old supervisors? The last time I was actively involved in research was 2009, so quite a while now! Th s is why I. Felt that a masters would give me more recent contacts, but also it is a big expense and takes time...

Getting back into study after break having child?

I have a 2:1 in Natural Sciences from Cambridge, and I have a few years experience of doing academic research . Prior to having my daughter I was applying for PhDs, but I am not sure of the best route back into it now. She is 18 months old and I really want to move in the right direction. Would a part time masters be a better first step? I know I'm not going to get a PhD straight off with the time gap now.

Just wondered if a) there are any parents out there doing PhDs/Masters who could advise me how they made it work and b) any one based in same ish sector and what they would do!

We are preparing to move, as there are no opportunities where we currently live, so my partner would be working and I would be trying to look after our daughter as much as possible whilst studying.

any advice really appreciated :)