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Should I do a second masters and then a phd?

I am so confused any advice would be appreciated!!

About me:
I studied computer science with mathematics at the University of Sheffield. I did a 4 year integrated masters degree. I graduated in 2018. Since then I worked as a QA engineer and tutored. I have been completing a data science certification recently, to transition into the data science career ( i thought this would introduce analysis and research and I wanted to apply that into the domain of cognitive psychology).

However, in doing this I have realised I actually want to go into academics and research.
I don't have qualifications in psychology/neuroscience. (apart from a psychology a level)
Should I do another master but in the area of cognitive psychology followed by a phd, or can I go straight into a phd?

Doing a masters in the related field first:
- ease back into research and education
- get foundation knowledge in the area of research
- enables me to figure out the particular research I want to do for a phd.
- if after the masters i decide I don't want to do a phd then I can go back into the career world but with another master (potentially have more career options available)
- but more costly
- and it would add an extra year

straight into Phd:
- less money spent
- no extra year taken to do masters
- do I have enough background qualifications to do the phd research in cognitive science?
- maybe i can take some online courses to get a background and still apply for a phd?
- can i get into UCL, Oxbridge, Warwick with my background?
- I'm not exactly sure of the research topic I want to study.

I would be applying for 2022/23 entry.
And so i have a full year before starting my studies.. I am currently self-employed as a programming educator...
what can I do this year to work towards my goal?

That was a lot of information! Any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks in advance