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Today has not been a waste because....


*got another 200 words written, plus a table
*got a plan of things to do for tomorrow - more writing and admin stuff
*got emailed an R script i have been waiting weeks for
*went to two talks at an (internal) student symposium this morning
*booked my car in to get the Aircon fixed
*arranged a dinner date with girly :$

...that wasn't so hard...

Today has not been a waste because....

today's been a slow one...BUT, let's not get bogged down with those negative vibes...

*Got ~200 words written
*found out the foreign commonwealth office will let me go to Thailand now (i'm going to a conference there in a few weeks)
*made a to do list to get myself organised for Thailand

I think I’ve run out of steam this week, so…

* i'm about to call it a day; go home; have a strum and a sing song on the guitar

Thanks for comments about my love-life, you’re right Slizor, I need to stop need being a coward and grow a pair

Today has not been a waste because....

Don't want to start a thread within a thread Teek, but...

she's in her 1st year, I'm in my 4th year, she's moving away for fieldwork soon, I'm moving away after i finish in 3 months.  She's great, i really like her, i think she likes me, but i don't know. I'd like to find a way to continue to see and get to know her, but I'm too afraid to tell her this because i don't know what she wants - what if she doesn't want to start anything with me? - and i don't want to scare her off or stop being friends with her.

...beans spilt all over the thread!

Today has not been a waste because....

What a great idea Teek.

So far today, i:

got into the office before 10am;
got hold of a paper i've been itching to get hold of (thanks to fellow Forumers);
got an email from a girly i like about plans for the weekend :$
written 250 words (and counting) of my thesis

oh, and it's sunny. i can't take credit for that, but i'm gonna!

Can anyone read this word please?

My supervisor has the handwriting of a 5 year old...pretty irritating...

cheeky paper request

Ta anyway Ev :-)

cheeky paper request

Hello all,

My library is woefully inadequate when it comes to journals (e and paper).

Is anyone able to get hold of a pdf of this:

Lander ES, Green P, Abrahamson J, et al. (1987) Mapmaker an Interactive Computer Package for Constructing Primary Genetic Linkage Maps of Experimental and Natural Populations. Genomics, 1, 174-181.

I'm desperate for this paper.

Many thanks

Spooky thing about dating...

Ah. Cunning.

Spooky thing about dating...

That is spooky. the real danger is having their names next to each other in your phone. If you call the wrong one, you'll have some explaining to do...

it's a long shot, but does...

...anyone have access to this paper:

Hunter RD, Stone LM (1986) The Effect of Artificial Photoperiod on Growth and Reproduction in the Land Snail Cepaea-Nemoralis. International Journal of Invertebrate Reproduction and Development, 9, 339-344

It's a bit niche, thought it was worth a shot anyway.

Many thanks you lovely Forumers :-)

Made some progress so what should I do?

It's a rare treat to feel like your ontop of things with a PhD. Embrace the moment, take the break you deserve...you never know when you'll feel this way in the future.

Writing in the early days

i'd strongly advice looking at some PhD thesisesisis from your library as soon as possible. It's the best (and only) way to understand exactly what writing a PhD thesis involves. I only saw a PhD thesis in my 3rd year and was shocked at just how much work needed to be done in terms of wider reading, structure, cross referencing e.t.c.

One more thing, it's best to have a look at around 5 thesisisisses. You'll notice that the structure and style of each one is different. For example, a laboratory based project may have a separate Methods chapter that is cross-referenced in subsequent chapters whereas, a computer simualtion study may not have a separate methods chapter. It's usually best to look at projects similar to yours.

What cheers you up?

flight of the chonchords. (up)

My first oral presentation next week and I am scared!!

Best tip - practice.

Printing gridlines in Word 2003

highlight the table; right click; go to 'borders and shading'; have a play with the different options under the 'borders' tab.