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Falafel is always good if you've got a blender handy (and don't mind a pan full of boiling fat.) I always think that ou can add so much to a meal by making the basics - pasta, breads, etc. Pasta is as easy as peeing against a tree, it's just one large egg for 100g strong flour and a lot of kneeding and rolling. Bread takes a bit of effort but if you make a basic dough (300g strong flour, about 200-150ml warm water, 7g fast-action yeast, tsp sugar, tsp salt) and leave it to rise for an hour/&a half and then roll it flat, brush it with butter and stick it under a very hot grill (turning and brushing) you can get some damn tasty naan bread.

I suppose that's not really low effort (I like to cook) but a really quick and easy dish I like is Mushroom arabbiata. Serve with pasta, recipe for 1 is something like "1 clove garlic, chopped, 1/4tsp chilli flakes, butter, oil" (chuck that all in together on a low heat so the garlic cooks) then chuck in 1 or 2 finely chopped mushrooms to cook down a bit and then throw in some tomatoes - bit of puree and water works a treat when cooking for one. Season and use whatever herbs you fancy (Basil, oregano, etc.) Spicy, hot, quick, good.

I realise that using the words chuck and throw doesn't disguise it takes a little bit more skill than I suggest.

Lost all Faith in Literary Criticism

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Quote From Keep_Calm:

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But, but...the dictionary definition of the word 'complicate' is 'to make COMPLEX, involved or difficult' !

And complicate has the same etymological root as 'complex'. It comes from the idea of folding, or plaiting.

I'm witholding my gold stars!

To be pedantic you said complication, not complicate. If you were to complicate matters you could well be complexificying them (anyone have an opinion on the validity of the word "complexificying?.) While I don't know the context the word was in, I would take complexification to mean the process of making something complicated, rather than actual result.

This was made very complicated by an extensive programme of complexification.

Can I have a gold star? :)

Lost all Faith in Literary Criticism

Sleepyhead's right.

Complication refers to a single event, complexification is a process. So, if something was becoming complicated it would undergoing a process of complexification. :)

I need PhD Position in the field of Computer Vision

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Know of any places to find funding prior to September 2009?

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I was in a very similar position (prospective Politics PhD, no funding) to you in April with Sheffield Uni. They had offered me a place but told me that funding was not available from the University and that I wasn't eligible for ESRC funding as I had done a MA, not an MRes. They also said that there are very few/no other avenues available for funding Politics PhDs. What I did was to give up on Sheffield and apply to loads of other places offering funding. So far I've been offered a few more PhD places but no funding (waiting on a letter from Leeds this week, fingers crossed.)

So, what I'd suggest is that you contact UCL admin about other possible sources of funding (they'll be the people who know) and, if there are no other options apply to any schools still advertising studentships for next year....or don't do a PhD until you can secure funding.

If you do find a way other than this...don't tell me. It will only increase the number of desperate Politics students competing with you :)