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US Universities charge PhD students out-of-state tuition?

Hi everyone,

So I was admitted to a PhD program in Political Science in one research oriented public university in the US (top 30). Got a funding offer - TA, stipend, all the bonuses, in-state tuition waiver, But they said they won't cover out-of-state tuition - and there is no way I can establish residency because I am an international applicant. Is it some form of soft rejection, or is it a common thing?

Second masters in related field

Hi everyone. I'm thinking of applying to MA in International policy/International relations in a couple of top-tier universities in the US. Problem is, I already have a master's degree in a somewhat related field from a university in my home country. Here I got MA in what is literally translated as "Foreign Regional Science". The curriculum was practically politics/political economy/international relations/globalization but mostly concentrated on Asia-Pacific hence "Regional Science".
Do you think this fact (already having a related MA) can be a potential red flag for people who will review my application?