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Ph.D Failure and dealing with it

I'm an international student at a US university and I was pursuing my PhD in electrical engineering. I hadn't been doing well at my coursework despite repeated warnings from the university (Just so that it's clear who's at fault!) but I always did alright in the lab. I'm only in my second year and I'm close to getting 2 publications out and have presented at a conference and at a regional government air quality monitoring agency about my work. I truly sucked at my coursework though and got some terrible grades.

I just got told by my advisor today that it's pretty much going to be the end of the road for me come end of this semester. What he said was the school was going to fail me at my screening because I flunked my coursework. Labwork doesn't matter at this moment (Says the school). This is gravely depressing and devastating for me since I really thought I could make a career in science and engineering. I have no idea of what I must do next and I'm currently enrolled in 3 classes too that I'm finding extremely hard to concentrate now since I know doing well in these classes isn't going to affect my chances in any way.

I could really do with some morale boost and a direction or anything that would help me regain my composure.