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Ph.D Failure and dealing with it

It's a fact that some are more interested in research. It's also a fact that weaknesses can turn into your strength. I find you similar to myself. You sound so eager in research. You seem so talented. If I found it out bu reading just a message from you, for sure your supervisor knows it well and will help you. Jojo's idea is great to pass over the official procedures. Meanwhile, try to figure it out why you are not doing well with your coursework. Is it that you find it boring? If it that you find it useless? Is it hard for you? Do you have any specific personal problem? .... To solve a question, you should first dig into the question to know what it asks for. If you solved the issue, come back here and let us know cause I just feel like you will!

10 days before submission

I think you will have enough time to sort everything out. Formatting the thesis will not take more than two days. Always, there will be changes that supervisors can't check before submission. Always, you will find many mistakes after submission. These issues are natural and very common. Just try to do your best. One final point: If your supervisor is to check it in a limited time, color the changed texts to hint him where to focus, more. Good luck!

postdoc: need ur ideas

Quote From TreeofLife:
Better a bird in the hand than two in a bush.

Thanks so much TreeofLife!

Must supervisors always be on the paper?

What I always do is to leave the author names blank and pass it to my principal supervisor. He adds the names and decides on the order of names. The positive point is that I know he is fair. In your case, I think you should add his name. If he had no roles and he thought he has done nothing, he wouldn't ask to see the final draft. Maybe you should consult your main supervisor about it. Last suggestion: Never ruin any bridge that can be your escape path.

Start PhD in 3 weeks: no supervisor or project

Well, it's a bad condition. I understand but don't worry at all! First, you should know that a good PhD supervisor is a key to future employment. So, a postdoc can be very helpful in guiding you during the projects but he/she will not be able to help you find a good job or position. Your next move should be contacting your first supervisor and ask him if he suggests another faculty member of the department. Clarify for him the subjects you are interested in. If he didn't write you responsibly in finding you a good supervisor, then you should act almost independently. Go through papers of the faculty members, check their group members and find some candidates. Then, with the help of your department contact them. In such situations, one of the faculty members will for sure accept you. My experience says that the best thing will happen to you and after graduation you will appreciate this awful condition.

postdoc: need ur ideas

Dear all,
Hi! I’m in a very sensitive condition and I need your comments and recommendations. I’ll defend my PhD dissertation, next week. I’m planning for a postdoc and I’ve applied for 4 postdoc positions but:
My department (MD): They have talked to me about employment as a faculty member. They’re gonna advertise this job next week. They said I have a good chance but if there be a better candidate, they will employ him/her. They added the procedure would last one to 2 years! So, maybe it be a better idea to stay around in our own department.
University 1 (U1): Rejected my postdoc application. They accepted no candidate.
U2: It’s deadline was 4.5 months ago. I applied via their recruitment system. There’s no news. I emailed the PI. He didn’t reply!
U3: It’s deadline was 1.25 months ago. I applied via their recruitment system. They’re gonna employ a postdoc to collaborate with several PIs. I feel like I have 40% chance. No news, yet!
U4: I had contacted a PI that my CV matched well. He didn’t reply mu mail but advertised a postdoc 1 month later. I resent all application documents. He said he had seen my mail and I’m in his short list. 1.5 months has passed since then. No deadline was announced. I feel I have 60-70% chance.
Us: I was in an overseas university during PhD as a visiting researcher. They know about my defense and mailed me last week to know my plans for my future. I was satisfied with the city, research team and department but I prefer to experience new countries and teams.
Now, what should I do?
Should I ignore postdoc and stay in our department?
Can I hope to get one of U1 to U4 positions? How long should I wait for their final decisions?
Should I return Us (I’ll start a project with them right after graduation distantly, anyway)?
Any other tips and comments?
Thanks in advance for your answers,