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PhD number two - an experiment of merry madness!

Having a thought of challenging yourself for PhD, I believe you can really do it. Just keep the spirit of enthusiasm be with you always. And,you will not go astray with your chosen path.

I do hope to hear from you on how long you can write another PhD. Should I say, bring home the bacon?

Seriously, finish it as soon as possible and always give your best.

Another job app rejection letter

Hey Satchi,

There must be positive reasons why you've got rejected. Do not be depressed. Instead, think of the positive side of the coin. First, something great must be waiting for you. Just wait for that moment. Second, you must learn from your failures during the interview or other application process.



Comparing focus groups

To make an effective comparing and contrasting possible, students may try to adapt two voices instead of one. For example, in describing Tennis, students may assume themselves to be Venus Williams, or Rafael Nadal; for Squash, you could be a Jansher Khan, or Nicol David.