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master thesis topic dilemma

about two months ago, I asked about how to start a master thesis with a company after completing an internship. I did not get any reply and my new thread is based on some updates recently. I am going to finalise my topic soon but I met my professor earlier with another topic proposal which unfortunately has already been implemented in the company but I only knew about it at a recent meeting with the team responsible in another location. Now I have informed my professor about this change in direction but I only have 2 weeks left to start my thesis and I am not sure how will my professor respond if my topic direction changes according to what is actually needed now. has anyone gone through similar experiences or have any advice that could be of help in my situation?

How to start master thesis while on an internship

I have started a 3 month internship at a company with the intention of starting my master thesis at the end of the internship. So far I have been doing some research on some areas but I am not really clear about what will be the direction of the thesis topic as it will also depend on what the company will be interested in supporting for their future benefits. I have been given some data to work with but I do not have much information about what it means however I am getting some help to get connected to the right people in the company to clarify my doubts. My concern is when I should start finalising my thesis topic if I intend to start right away after the end of 3 months? What is usually the process to apply for a master thesis topic in the company if no topic is offered and it is self initiated? I would appreciate some advice on this and sharing of experiences if any of you have gone through something similar. Thank you.