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Thread: Law with MBA

16-Feb-18, 06:29
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posted about 4 days ago
Hello all, I would like to know how will be the career in Law with MBA ? is it a good combination to study?

Thread: Help with Academic CV

14-Feb-18, 07:39
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posted about 6 days ago
Hi you can mention previous education details,contact details,your previous achievements,skill set, and your positive aspects like your strengths,you can also mention your experience but it depends on how you will justify or convey that experience to the interviewers at the time of interview.

Thread: MBA or PGDM

09-Feb-18, 12:22
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posted about 1 week ago
Hi please suggest me which one is best, MBA or PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management)

Thread: Is an mba in international fashion management good ? Does it have good scope ?

31-Jan-18, 07:29
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posted about 2 weeks ago

MBA in international fashion management has a bright scope, with this degree you can start your own business, there are lot of opportunities in this area but you have to acquire good knowledge on latest fashion techniques.

Coming to placement assistance in Coventry University London it is difficult to answer about university,because work permit rules are strict now ,you need to check with the university about the career assistance and internship opportunities.
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