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Is it a disaster?

Hi guys! Here is another person in need of advice and support. My PhD deadline thesis submission is approaching, but so far I have only one chapter. This happened due to my bad psychological state during the first two years (PTSD+depression+procrastination) and a very massive study that I am doing all by myself. My supervisor is obsessed with all her students meeting the deadline and she's been quite intimidating for the last three months. I guess it's because she has a history with some of her promising students not submitting at all. I had three years to finish my work, but I feel that I need at least two more months to be actually able to finish. My main concern is that my supervisor is going to hate me if I don't meet the deadline, and will kill my academic career with bad recommendations. My supervisor is a very famous and powerful person in my field, so her words have a lot of weight. I feel that I grown up a lot within these three years, developed strong love to my field and almost defeated my inner demons, so ruining it all by not meeting the deadline feels extremely painful.
I haven't talked to my supervisor about the extension yet, because I am terrified with her reaction. Moreover, I think that she reads my writing last within my colleagues, so it feels like she already gave up on me. I feel so desperate I want to leave my PhD, while I am madly in love with my research and want to proceed in academia.