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PhD problem with supervisor

I was doing my PhD under a supervisor who would constantly demotivate me, threaten me and expected me to work all round the week including sunday. Even while working under this supervisor, I tried coming with many novel ideas for my research. But my ideas will not be approved by my supervisor and my supervisor expected me to do some random things for the supervisor's benefit and which have not contributed to my research. After few years with this supervisor, i became constantly stressed and which affected my personal / family life. It also changed my mindset to be in constant fear and stress. At one point, my supervisor crossed limits in stressing me and finally i took up the issue and changed this supervisor to another supervisor. Now eventhough i changed my supervisor, i see my previous supervisor daily in my lab where my previous supervisor comes to visit other students. And whenever i see my previous supervisor in lab, my heart beat starts to pump more, experiencing the trauma, have butterflies in my stomach. Because of this sometimes i will even leave the lab to have a coffee break and will only come back after 30-40 mins so that my previous supervisor would have left the lab by that time. Is there any way i can overcome this fear of seeing my previous supervisor ? Has anyone experienced similar situations ? Would like to get your advice and suggestions. Thanks