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Saturday, 11 November 2017 at 8:21am
Saturday, 11 November 2017 at 8:21am
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Thread: Phd at Harvard Business School in Business Economics

11-Nov-17, 08:42
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posted about 11 months ago
Hi everyone
My name is sunny and I am from India
I want to apply for a Phd at Harvard Business School in the Business Economics course.
I wanted to know whether my profile is strong enough to be considered for application.

So, here is my educational and Job details:
10th - 93%
12th - 84%
Engineering - 7.52 out of 10 (Mechanical)
MBA - 6.40 out of 10 (Finance), Reputed college, AACSB accreditade
Job Before MBA:
1) Job for 10 months as lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Department at an engineering college
2) Job for 1 year as maintenance engineer

Job after MBA:
Credit Analyst at biggest Bank in India (State Bank of India) which is also in top 50 banks of the world

I with my two professors from my MBA college wrote a case based on my internship work during the 2 year MBA program. And it is going to be published by Ivey Business School.

Extra Curricular:
Played Cricket at State level.
Have won many Dance Competitions.

If I get a good score in GRE then is the profile good enough for getting selected at Harvard?
Please Advice.
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