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Article request

i tried but didn't manage to get through. for my experience though, we all have athens/institutional access here in this forum and if an article is only accessible by purchase, chances are that nobody will be able to get it...

I know how frustrating it can be!!! I usually write to the first and last author and request a PDF reprint. Everybody has always been really kind and I got all the articles I wanted... of course, tell them that it would be very useful for your work and that you will enjoy reading it!

you could also try via research gate, find the first or last author, many times you can download their papers directly from the website.

Hope this helps!!


Hello everybody!!!
I was wondering if there was anybody doing a postdoc in Florida who was willing to give some words of advise!!

Thank you ;O)

Article request!!!

tried to get it for you but I can't find the istitutional log in to access full PDF. Alternatively you can request a reprint to the corresponding author. I did it many times and they always sent articles for me. You can try to contact them via e-mail or research gate. Hope this helps

article request from paediatric and childhealth journal

which article do you want? I can try to download it for you

Reply to Postdoc application (USA)

Hi Boshra,
thank you for your reply.
I am sending many e-mails both for open positions and just to inquire, but nothing! No reply at all, only 1 PI replied and he is the one above, so not much luck for me!
In total, so far, I have sent 10 applications... but it is difficult to find more labs within the united states that work on exactly what I want to do... and I don't have any supervisor help at all!
I was wondering how many applications you sent so far and if you know, how many applications on average, has a poor just graduated PhD student to send to get a positive reply... even only for an interview!!!

Reply to Postdoc application (USA)

Thank you TreeofLife, I thought so too!
I am starting to get the sense of how difficult it will be to get a postdoc position in the States... my supervisors said they don't know anybody, they are at the end of their career and do not network anymore, or they just simply didn't want to bother, I am not sure!
I will keep an eye on opening positions, hopefully something good will come up for me.
Have a nice day!

Reply to Postdoc application (USA)

Hi Everybody,
I am new to this forum, so I apologize in advance if this topic has already been discussed many times...
I am in the process of applying for Postdoc positions in the States. I am writing to many potential PIs for advertised positions as well as to just inquiry whether there would be a position for me...
I am only just starting, so I have only wrote to 5 Labs so far and 1 got back to me saying they didn't have funding but that they will keep me in mind for a future opening. My question is about the way the PI answered, I am not sure it is a common way of replying of if he really meant it...

here is what he wrote: You have wonderful training and a very impressive CV. Unfortunately I don't have support for a post-doc at the present time. I will however, keep your CV on file should something open up in the next year.

Did he really mean this? Or is it just a nice way of saying we are not interested in you?
I live in the UK and it's my first time applying to the States.

Well, thank you guys for taking the time to read this post.