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Looking into doing a Masters in Ireland and have questions

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anybody could offer me some advice.

I am looking into the possibility of doing a Masters in the Republic of Ireland in 2021 in a politics related field as part of planning my long-term future. I’m a British citizen so I hope to do so under the CTA as that isn’t likely to change due to Brexit.

I have a bunch of questions which I have and I am finding it very overwhelming (including looking through all the websites of unis in detail). Hence, if anybody with current or former experience (especially those who know Ireland well) could respond with some guidance I’d really appreciate it.

Which unis are best at accommodating disabilities? I’m autistic and would move abroad on my own. I will have the ability to do this but the more support I have available the better. This includes exam adjustments (which I had at undergrad level) as well as a few workplace accommodations too (some courses I'm interested in have work placement options, which I would hugely benefit from over a dissertation).

What unis provide the best graduate support, both during and afterwards? I intend to stay in Ireland after I’ve graduated as I hope to evantually apply for citizenship and be able to use my EU citizenship rights again, so any support I could access to help with things like housing and employment during my time there would be most appreciated.

Would my undergrad degree in English Language & Linguistics be considered a social sciences degree? In my UK uni it was under Social Sciences, but don’t know if that’s the same over there. I have some substantial experience including a year abroad outside of Europe among other things I can include as well.

Does anybody know when it is likely SUSI will publish the 2021 financial info? I will need to apply for financial aid and as a British citizen I would need to know for sure that I’ll be eligible (which from what I've heard is very likely, as advice so far from careers advisor is that Ireland will be treating UK citizens the same as EU ones due to the CTA).

Are there any organisations in Ireland I can contact who could advise me too? I plan to contact the unis I’m interested in too (as there are a couple of courses that I’ve found I’d be eligible for and are suitable) but a third party would be good too.

Slightly less related to my degree but as a UK citizen how would I go about getting my prescription medication moved over from the UK to Ireland? I know the CTA allows for healthcare rights too but I am unsure of the specifics and what I would to budget for private care if any.

I am struggling to get to grips with the details and am finding this quite overwhelming so any help to narrow things down would be appreciated.

Thank you xx