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Stupid Mistake

This will sound very silly when you read it. Here goes... I am currently looking for a postdoc and the perfect job came up. I match the essential and desirable criteria exactly. So I take days to edit my CV, write my cover letter, get it checked etc. I sit for hours tonight ensuring it is perfect. Done. Submit. Now I have realised that my CV has the incorrect thesis title in it! I have no idea how that even happened, but for some reason it is the old title. It was changed before submission (it wasn't changed drastically, first word is 'understanding' instead of 'optimising' and so on). No other version of my CV has this incorrect title so I now do not know how it even got there. Anyway, the correct title is in my cover letter and online application. I also cannot resubmit the application, even though the deadline isn't for another three days. What do you guys think?