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Desperate: Major corrections and visa expires soon

Hi all,

A couple of weeks ago, I submitted the revised thesis with a response to the examiners' corrections (my outcome was passed with major corrections). When I sent the revised thesis + response to each correction (2 weeks ago), I told them my situation and how important was for me to get a response from them before my visa expires. This will allow me to apply for a working visa since a company is willing to provide me with a sponsorship. This is a unique opportunity for me to develop professionally in a foreign country.

The internal replied saying that he correctly received the documents and that he will wait for the external to review them before making a decision. The external hasn't replied yet. The department basically told me to just wait and pray. The company, on the other hand, is pressuring me to give them a definitive date so they can start the visa process.

As each day passes, I am getting more and more desperate about the situation. I am thinking about sending a follow up email to the external asking how things are going. But I don't want to pressure him and make things worse.

What do you guys recommend me to do?