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Positioning moderator variable

Hey all!

I am currently working on my thesis on the role of transparency in the fast fashion industry. Now, I have developed a conceptual model based on existing literature and I have identified the following variables:

Independent Variable: perceived supply chain transparency

Mediating Variables: Trust and corporate reputation

Dependent Variables: purchase intention and brand attitude

Moderator Variable: Awareness

I am interested in testing the moderation of Awareness on my dependent variable, Purchase Intention. However, I am struggling on how to position my moderator variable. Does it make sense to have a direct link between Transparency (IV) and Purchase intention (DV) and to test moderation in between? Or does it make more sense to test the moderation through the mediating variables, so between trust and purchase intention and corporate reputation and purchase intention?

In other words: does it make sense (academically) to test for a direct link between the Independent Variable and the Dependent Variable in order to test moderation. Or does it make more sense to test it through the mediator?

Theory on the field of awareness is not thoroughly researched, as the majority of research presumes that the respondents have awareness (so they do not test it). I have found proof however, that states that consumers are not aware of certain problems.

I am planning to conduct the analysis with PLS-SEM with SMARTPLS software.

Looking forward to your advice, I have enclosed the proposed conceptual models I am discussing above.

Thank you so much.

Model 1: https://gyazo.com/2e0fd5b71b003deced76832cacd03189
Model 2: https://gyazo.com/3eaa020f4f553fade774dc8500bec653
Model 3: https://gyazo.com/be9063d358924e130badba8f3a2ab1ec

Trouble identifying conceptual model variables

Hello there,

I am currently working on my master thesis and I have some difficulties with the identification of my variables. The topic of my thesis is about the role of transparency on sustainable brand extensions in the fashion industry.

Now, I have identified my dependent variables easily as: purchase intention and brand attitude. At the same time I have two mediating variables which are trust and reputation. I have also found a moderating variable which is awareness.

The part that I am stuck on however, are the variables ''information disclosure'' and ''perceived transparency''. I have found literature that states that information disclosure positively impacts perceived transparency. Information disclosure in this context are the used communication channels (by a company) and the content of the shared information by the companies.

In other words: if the company shares the right information about products through the right information channels, consumers might perceive the company as transparent.

However, I am not sure on how to identify the two variables: information disclosure as the independent variable and transparency as the mediator? Does it make sense to have trust and reputation as medaitors of transparency in that case? Because the ''main'' topic of my research is transparency.

I hope you can help me out, unfortunately my supervisor is not being helpful and does not have a lot of time for me.

Thank you in advance.

Link to conceptual model: