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25-Feb-10, 18:17
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posted about 10 years ago

To an academic interview would would men wear, or should be seen to wear?

I am thinking smart trousers with a shirt, maybe a tie, and nice cardigan. I really can't stand suit jackets - though know that perhaps I should for an interview?

Then again, if they are all wearing suits and I don't, opps. I should get a suit maybe...
25-Feb-10, 19:00
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by DanB
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posted about 10 years ago
Always, always, always err on the side of caution and dress as if it were any sort of interview - yes, that includes jacket! It's only for a few hours at most.

And I'm sure you look lovely in a suit :)
25-Feb-10, 21:26
by Sue2604
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posted about 10 years ago
Congratulations on getting an interview Chrisrolinski! Yes, wear a suit if you can. Will be fine to be a little over-dressed, better than being too casual. Good luck!
26-Feb-10, 09:41
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posted about 10 years ago

A suit it is. Wise words. :-)
26-Feb-10, 10:14
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by TheAce
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posted about 10 years ago
From my experience a clean, ironed shirt, nice shoes and formal (ish) trousers are all that is required. Although, obviously it depends on the context of the interview.

Good luck on the day. (up)
28-Feb-10, 00:44
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posted about 10 years ago
A jacket is always good. Easy to take off if you seem a little overdressed. Whatever you decide on make sure to wear it about the house a bit to get comfortable wearing it. Otherwise your panel will notice you seem uncomfortable. Also easier to pull of potentially overly formal clothes if you look comfortable in it, people just assume you dress that way. Good luck!!

hmmn there should be a good luck charm we can post.
28-Feb-10, 07:17
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by Ulysses
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posted about 10 years ago
Go for a suit. You don't know what the other short-listed people will be wearing, and you definitely do not want to feel under-dressed for this occasion. If you turn out to be overdressed it is not that bad. It shows you've put in too much effort, but the people making the selection won't take this the bad way. Not a black one though, maybe something gray with a light blue shirt. Black shoes, don't go for experiments there. If you are in two minds about a tie, take one with you and see what the other people are like, see how you feel and take it from there. I got my lecturing job in a gray suit, and missed one interviewed in the same one, so can't really say it was the suit. But make sure it is one you feel very comfortable with, and the same is true for the SHOES, don't wear brand new ones, they may kill you on the day.
All the best
28-Feb-10, 08:25
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posted about 10 years ago
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When I went for my studentship a guy waiting with me in the waiting room was wearing a suit and I automatically assumed he was a genius and that he'd get it. As it happens, I got it, but I was also wearing shirt and trousers (I'd wear a jacket in the future).
01-Mar-10, 09:19
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posted about 10 years ago

I am off to get a smart haircut and a suit this afternoon...
01-Mar-10, 09:41
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posted about 10 years ago
my mums piece of wisdom that I've received ever since I was 13 and working on the burger stall in teh market....Dress for the job you want, not necessarily the job you've got :-)
good luck with the suit hunting, although if possible avoid those awful banker-type pinstripe suits, eugh! a nice subtle pinstripe is much better than that really obvious black and white thing! (sorry, personal preference!) (up)


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