Already have a PhD for next year but I'm really struggling with my current MA course! Self doubt.

29-Jan-15, 11:29
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I have been offered a PhD for next year, but I'm struggling so much with my Masters degree in Sociology this year!
Although I recieved a First during my undergrad in Sociology as well, there is one module which I'm not performing as well as and this is the Research Process. This Is not only worth 40 credits but it's so important for my undertaking for a PhD next year! Ranging from epistemology to using SPSS and NVivo I can't seem to get to grips with this module! And I've only been able to scrap a Pass in the assignments with 2 C's and 2 C-'s. But im doing very well at my other assignments with Mostly getting A-'s and B+,s and B-'s!! I hate that I'm not doing as well in this module
I feel so disenhearted and wondering whether or not I have what it takes to complete a PhD! Because I will need to use these learning tools for my thesis!!
Is this normal at this level? And is my standard of work at MA level a reflection of what my PhD might be?

I need some motivation and some encouragement :(

24-Feb-15, 10:30
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by Ellie
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posted about 4 years ago
Any motivation for academicadam47?
24-Feb-15, 11:09
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posted about 4 years ago
Can you think of why you may be struggling in that particular module? Is the material something you've never studied before?

If you have a final exam or similar, maybe you can talk to an advisor and explain your troubles. Ask other course mates for help if you do not understand certain learning points. It means putting your pride to one side, but to get what you want, you may just have to!
Research is something which is a constant learning curve. With regards to your worries about the MA grades reflecting on PhD work, I wouldn't think so, as long as you enjoy it! But in terms of improvement, seriously get to the reason why you're struggling and ask lecturers or colleagues for advice.

Good luck!


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