Cancer Research UK PhD Application

24-Dec-17, 13:43
by Erhall
Avatar for Erhall
posted about 2 years ago
Hi all,

Can I ask something?

I sent my application at Cancer Research UK Cambridge Center with deadline be last month (30 November) but I haven't received anything yet. That means that they didn't find my application interesting? is it normal?
07-Jan-18, 18:34
edited about 29 seconds later
Avatar for TreeofLife
posted about 1 year ago
It's still early days and with Christmas etc you may not hear back from a while. If you are not selected for interview, you may not hear back at all. i would keep applying elsewhere in the meantime.
09-Jan-18, 22:22
edited about 9 seconds later
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posted about 1 year ago
It can take ages for them to read and review applications, I wouldn't worry.


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