Is A PhD with A 2:2 BSc with honors And A distinction of MSc by research Possible?

06-Jun-18, 07:40
by Leon
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posted about 2 years ago

I just finished my master study by research and am looking for a PhD position. I just want some experience or suggestions for the possibilities of being a PhD student in my case.

I have successfully achieved a distinction degree of my MSc by research. During the study, I also participated one international conference and several workshops or tutorials, and one paper to publish is in final preparation. But my BSc degree is not good enough, just a higher 2:2. I am eager to continue the study as a PhD student cause I enjoy the topic I have done very much. I therefore at the moment looking for a PhD position.

Somebody told me that because of my low BSc degree, it would be very hard to have a PhD position or to be a PhD student. I am very confused and nervous about what they told me. So I just wonder if there is any one has the same experience? Is it really very difficult to be a PhD student in my case? Cheers!

Thanks for your time!
06-Jun-18, 10:29
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posted about 2 years ago
Your BSc is probably going to be an issue, yes, but your strong MSc and additional research experience will go some way (not the whole way) towards making up for it. No doubt that you will be able to get offers for PhD places, as long as you are realistic with your choices. A 2:2 will probably hurt you most if you're looking to obtain funding as it will make you less competitive in a very crowded and high-achieving field of candidates. Good luck.
08-Jun-18, 03:57
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by pm133
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posted about 2 years ago
Your MSc distinction will trump your BSc 2:2 so I don't see any issues wth applying for PhD positions. Your ability to find funding will depend on your discipline.
11-Jun-18, 15:11
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posted about 2 years ago
You will almost certainly be offered a PhD position with those qualifications. The MSc will override the 2:2. It is also not impossible to receive PhD funding. Applications are assessed on merit and if you have a good proposal, and a strong performance at master's, the undergrad may be overlooked. The MSc is more recent after all.


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