Jobs and postdocs in the US

06-Jun-18, 14:56
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posted about 11 months ago
Does anyone know anything about getting a job / postdoc in the US?
Someone I was chatting to suggested that getting a postdoc and applying for a VISA from the UK etc on that basis would be much easier than trying to do the same for a typical (but research based) job - e.g., lab manager (that doesn't necessary require a PhD).
I didn't have a chance to ask them why this would be. Does anyone know anything about this sort of thing?
06-Jun-18, 20:12
edited about 12 seconds later
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posted about 11 months ago
If I understand the issue correctly they fall into different visa categories. Postdocs seem to be able to get J1 visas whereas a lab manager would be H1B, which is the category that Trump's cracked down on to decrease immigration. I've heard even the likes of Facebook are struggling to get that type and there are I think costs for the employer, so not worth it to employ a foreign applicant when there are qualified US citizens. Similar to the situation in the UK really, so we can't complain.
07-Jun-18, 00:32
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posted about 11 months ago
Thank you - this makes perfect sense. Bummer though. Drat Trump.


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