I'm looking for PhD position

18-Jan-19, 04:27
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posted about 1 year ago

I'm a master student at the University of Melbourne (Information Technology subject).
I'm looking for PhD position. Unfortunately, I can't find any supervisor accept my GPA (WAM) because it's 56%. I'll finish my master at the end of this year(2018).

What should I do to get PhD position?

18-Jan-19, 13:42
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by eng77
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posted about 1 year ago
There is no magic advice even if your average is 90%.try to look for RA tole.If you publish papers, you will have higher chances. If the PhD is really important to you, look now for jobs (academia and outside) and try again in a year or two. If you believe your score would still blocking you, do another Master and try to get a higher score. What I would not do, is to keep insisting on applying while you believe you won't be accepted with your GPA.


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