Achieved my goal even with the lack of supervisors

11-Mar-19, 13:43
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by Zena85
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posted about 1 week ago
I had a really toxic supervisors. The first one expressed his interest in publishing my research in his own name and gave the option by either getting my PhD or by getting a publication. There was a third option he forgot, I went to the the student coordinator and told him the story. Unfortunately this happened 6 months before my contract finishes for my PhD. He didn’t let me publish any of my research. The only time I went to a conference is by submitting the abstract without telling him. The only way I received a feedback from reviewers is by submitting the paper to a journal without telling him. He does not give me feedback or support after the first year. The second supervisor has no clue about my research at all. So I told the coordinator everything and of course he didn’t believe me but of course there is a chance I was telling the truth and the only way to fix the situation is by making the HoD involved. Of course the HoD is a dear friend with my supervisors and he did not believe anything I was telling him. I told him I want to submit my thesis this October and to have my viva in December. I finished five chapters and I am working on the last chapter. I was begging my supervisors to give me feedback but they don’t, i was begging them to have a meeting but they refuse so I don’t see the point of having supervisors at all. So he said I will be your supervisor so in this case I will avoid any further problems and make sure to receive feedback on the thesis. I got two feedback and it was mainly English and formatting (like heading number or figure caption) nothing technical at all. They told me I should apply for another six months to make the thesis more suitable, I said no we already agreed on the date. The HoD said I might end up with resubmission as the thesis as it is not good. I asked him is there anything wrong with the work he said no just the writing, I told him you had three months and you provided me with two feedback and it was only English and formatting so why I should end up with resubmission?so I submitted and got minor corrections. I filed a complaint against my supervisors as they were bad supervisors but the university did not do anything. The HoD Of course banned me from using the computer lab and from getting the master materials even though other students have the material. But I did not care, I submitted my final thesis today and proved them they are wrong.
My advice, do your work and believe in yourself, submit papers to journal as the reviewers feedback helps a lot like they helped me more than my supervisors, and all the best to all of you who is suffering from bad supervisors
11-Mar-19, 15:25
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posted about 1 week ago
Well done on getting minor corrections - this gives me hope!!
12-Mar-19, 09:54
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by rewt
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posted about 1 week ago
Congratulations! You definitely deserve the PhD after all that.
15-Mar-19, 13:56
by Zena85
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posted about 5 days ago
Thank you, as I said believe in your self and if you do not find support from your supervisors you should seek it somewhere else and all the best to you too


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