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Living with a difficult parent during PhD

Look after yourself first, if she's estranged from the rest of the family there's probably good reason for that and just because they got out before you did, doesn't mean you need to be stuck with that xx

Any words of encouragement?

Hi guys

There's not really anything specific I have to say other than my deadline for my corrections is Friday and I am absolutely biffing out about it. I still have so much to do and I'm working full time and I don't know how I'm going to get it done (Somehow I will but I don't know how).

My supervisor hasn't looked at hardly any of my chapters or amendments and what she has looked at she's pulled it apart for misuse of f**king possessive apostophes!! So that's adding to my stress that I've got roughly half of my thesis that she hasn't looked at.

How often to people get referred for an MPhil or fail following major corrections? That's my worry that after all this stress and heartache that it will still end up not passing.

Part-time PhD while working full-time

These last four years have been the most difficult years of my life. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety ever since I started the project. There is a very long list of reasons why, but I won't share these here. I have certainly developed as a person and I now know what I would like to do to lead a more fulfilling and happier life. You need to choose your supervisors very very carefully, and you also need to make sure that this is something you really want to commit to because we are talking about roughly 6-8 years of your life. To be brutally honest with you, I would not recommend it for most people

I would 100% agree with this comment, I wish I had never started it, it has changed my life and those of the people I love too, and not for the better. I would have described myself as a strong and independent person before starting this, now I feel like I rely on my partner and my friends to keep me sane.

Part-time PhD while working full-time

I'm probably not the best person to give advice here but I have been doing my full time PhD along side a full time (and very demanding) job for the most of it and also a part time voluntary job. It has been extremely hard, I have nearly lost the plot along the way and have had no free time for what feels like forever but I submitted last year and got major corrections which was expected as my thesis was a rush job. It is extremely difficult but it can be done.

Third year in, contemplating the idea of quitting

Your story resonated with me too. I was the same for a while (nearing a mental breakdown) I had an absolutely horrendous viva where the external examiner disagreed with my theory, my chosen analysis, my research questions and all of my novel findings. It was hellish. I'm not sure how I managed to get corrections from it but following my viva I took 6 months off to sort my head out, decide if any of it was worth the absolutely crap I have been through to get here and what it was doing to me and my husband.

Long story short, I took 6 months off, went to my GP who was brilliant and I'm now back working on my corrections with a clear head and a clear idea of what needs fixed. It took a while but I couldn't bring myself to quit after all the effort and heartache I've went through to get this far so my only other option was to re-focus.

Someone said to me recently, you are finding it hard because IT IS HARD! That made me alter my perspective slightly, a PhD is not an easy thing to do but you are doing it. Like Marshall said, stand back from your thesis, take a break and try to come back to it like it's not your work. Read it as though you are helping out a friend and offering constructive criticism, we're not as hard on other people as we are on ourselves.

Good Luck!!

Struggling with my phd and feeling lost

Hi maemae93

I can totally relate to how you are feeling and I can guarantee you, you won't always feel this way.

It took me close to 2 years to figure out that I was actually struggling with depression and anxiety, and that I wasn't just a total waste of life. Once I figured this out and admitted to myself that I wasn't ok, (and went to my lovely GP), I felt a huge weight off my shoulders and have been able to progress my thesis since. I can't believe how long I suffered with feeling like a loser, feeling like I was totally winging this whole PhD thing, feeling like a total failure, feeling so negative and worried ALL OF THE TIME!

I have been taking medication since September last year and I have been doing other things to try and fix my brain and my attitude to things and it did involve taking 6 months away from my PhD, my thesis and anything else related to that and working on myself for a while. I'm not suggesting that you need medication but don't be against it (as I was for so long). How you feel is massively important to how you work and what you achieve and trust me when I say, you are not worthless and you are not alone!!

Mistakes happen in a PhD, Christ I'd be worried if they didn't. Don't dwell on it though, explain to your supervisor what has happened and if you feel able to, explain how you feel and what support you need.

Reach out and make new friends, join a class (when they're re-open), honestly, don't suffer in silence and stop that voice in your head from telling you negative things. She's a bitch!!

Post-viva correction stress - advice needed

I haven't graduated yet, I'm still working on my corrections and have had the thought of burning my thesis 10 thousand times over lol. I'm sure we will get there though and feel free to message me if you want a rant x

Post-viva correction stress - advice needed

Hi iamagrape (love the name btw)

I 100 million per cent understand how you feel. It feels like a kick in the face when you're already down and worn out.

How long have you got to do the corrections? If it's 3 months, I suggest you take a week or 2 off completely. I know that sounds counter intuitive but you need it, and more than that, you deserve it!!!

If you have been given longer than that, take longer off. Have a break where you don't look at anything, your thesis, papers, corrections, just take a dam break and then when you go back to it, I'm positive you will look at it in a different light, you will of gained some perspective because right now you are in a crap PhD bubble and it's hard to see anything other than that.

I passed my viva with major corrections and I genuinely couldn't look at my feedback form without crying and taking every single word like a punch in the face for about 3 months after it. I'm not suggestion you take that long off but you can do this!! You will do this! and you are already 95% there.

It might not seem like an achievement right now but you have passed your viva....now go kick it's ass!!!!!

Tips on time management

Quote From Nead:
When I was doing my correction, I was also working full time. I would leave for work at 6 am and would not get home until 8 pm, after cooking dinner I was in no mood to look at corrections. I had an hour lunch break in work, I would grab something quick to eat and then do by correction for 45 mins, within two weeks I had them done. Can you do the on a lunch break .. not ideal but might help ?

I was doing this during my write up for a while but I only get 30 mins for my lunch and I have a desk job so if I don't go for a walk on my lunch break I find my body, especially my back, gets really sore by the end of the day and then I struggle to do anything. I'm a broken mess to be honest lol

Tips on time management

Quote From rewt:
Can you shift your sleep pattern so that you wake up a few hours earlier and do your thesis then? I find that after a long day I can't focus whatever the situation but super focused in the morning. If you do 30mins-1 hour before work you might be able to consistently do small chunks.

I'm not a morning person, in any way, shape or form lol but I could probably give it a go for a couple of mornings a week instead of every morning and see how that goes. Thanks.

Tips on time management

Hi Folks

Is anyone willing to share their time management tips?

I am at the corrections stage of my full time PhD, I also work full time, have a part time voluntary job and NEED to go to the gym at least a few times a week to keep my stress levels under control and I'm struggling to fit everything in.

I've more or less done this throughout my entire PhD with the exception of the gym but when I stop going to the gym I notice a serious decline in my mental health and I can't forego that for anything else again.

I'm struggling to get motivated to work on my thesis since my viva and when I get home (usually around 8 or 9pm) I'm shattered and I've got into the habit of just taking the rest of the evening off which I don't really have time for.

I've cut my commitments down as much as I can, I can't give up either of my jobs or anything like that but just wondering what other people's tips and tricks are for getting the maximum amount done in short bursts of time?

How to tell my current supversior if I want to quit my phd and fina a new one in other place?

I would be honest too, it sounds like you have a good relationship with your supervisor and going behind his/her back will jeopardize that and might limit your options further.

I think I’m ph**ked

That sounds horrendous but firstly take the win....CONGRATULATIONS on passing with minor corrections. That's great news.

You can't do anything else until you get their report in so take a few much needed days off and celebrate. I know it's hard but try not to think about what needs to be done until you know what actually needs to be done.

Is it common to pay for binding and printing yourself or does the lab normally pay?

I paid £100 quid for my copies pre-viva and the postage to send them and when I submit my corrections I will have to submit another 3 copies so it'll be another £100 quid plus postage.

PhD after resubmission nightmare - thanks to all!

Thank you for posting this. I had my viva in June and have been unable to even look at my thesis without wanting to cry so the corrections feel impossible. Your advice is really helpful though. And Congratulations!!